About Ciro Discepolo

Ciro Discepolo, astrologer, journalist and writer, was born in Naples in 1948. He worked for twenty years as external editor of the Neapolitan newspaper Il Mattino, publishing articles on medicine, science, information technology, literature and astrology and always refusing to write horoscopes. At the age of 20 he worked as a research assistant for five years at the National Research Council and for two years he was responsible for the Electronic Measurements Laboratory at the Istituto Motori in Naples. He has been studying astrology since 1970. He has published over 140 books in eight languages — most of which have also been very successful abroad — and has produced over 1,000 astrology lessons on YouTube and over 300 short essays on astrology, almost all of which can be found on Google Books. His books have been published by some of the most important astrological publishing houses in the world, such as the American Federation of Astrologers, the Éditions Traditionnelles of Paris, the Russian School of Classical Astrology of Moscow, the Armenia Editore of Milan, the Edizioni Mediterranee of Rome and many others. Books like “Transits and Solar Returns” or “The New Treatise on Astrology” have been bestsellers in multiple countries.

He founded Active Astrology, followed by thousands of students all over the world.

In the 1980s he developed algorithms that allowed him to publish, before any other colleague in the world, many volumes of ancient and modern ephemeris, studies of spherical trigonometry on the Primary Directions, studies on Placidus domification at extreme latitudes, highly advanced astrological software, such as MyAstral.org, which allow the automatic search of the best aimed birthdays in the world, for each year of a subject.

He was the author of what could be called a new “north-west passage”, combining astrology and analytical psychology in an unprecedented, unique path now followed by many colleagues: the exorcization of the symbol.

Only two of his astrological laws have been accepted by Official Science and they are, to all intents and purposes, the only two astrological paradigms accepted by Science. On this very important chapter of his bio-bibliography, it is possible to read (in Italian, English and French, within the same and following volume), downloadable for free and entitled “The 20 Days Before and After the Birthday”:


In 1990 he founded the periodical Ricerca ‘90, of which he is director. He has been engaged in statistical research since the beginning of his interests in astrology. In the early nineties he obtained very interesting results through his research on astral heredity, sampling over 75,000 subjects. His approach, calculations and research results have always been verified by various statisticians and also by university professors. Astrologically speaking, he trained in the school of André Barbault. His interests include literature, cinema, photography, good food and the Sorrento Peninsula. Since 2016 he lives in Milan.

Active Astrology

Active Astrology is a school of Astrology founded by Ciro Discepolo in the early 90's, based on researches that the Author has carried out from 1970.

It relies on two main subjects: Aimed Solar and Lunar Returns and the Exorcism of Symbols.

The main notion to which Active Astrology is anchored is that the beneficiary of this school strives to mitigate the so-called 'negative influences' that supposedly arrive from 'dissonant' positions of the Celestials in our solar system at the instant of the Solar or Lunar Return and also to potentiate the positive implications for the subjects who are examined every time.

An Aimed Solar Return consists in changing one's place of staying on the day of his or her birthday every year, thus relocating the Solar Return according to Discepolo's consolidated rules, and spending one day only (a few minutes in reality) in an accurately chosen place; which may be different for each year.

The Exorcism of Symbols, on the contrary, relates to the possibility of activating a symbol and therefore discharging it, according to the school of Carl Gustav Jung.

Main works

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Complete Bibliography

Main seminars

La soggettività e la oggettività nelle scelte di indirizzo astrologico [The subjectivity and objectivity in the astrologically oriented choices], paid seminar at the University of the Studies of Padua, Faculty of Sciences of Communication, in the course conceived by Professor Maurizio Barbagallo, 9th of May 2001 (Link where you can download the relevant video, ca. 80 Mb: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSvBGaz864M )

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Astrologia: sì o no?[Astrology: yes or no?], Italian Institute of Culture, Budapest (1088, Bródy S. u. 8.), 12th of October 2006 (see www.cirodiscepolo.it www.cirodiscepolo.it/)

A very short selection of the works in which Ciro Discepolo's works are quoted

Italian Institutes for the Philosophical Studies - managed by Gerardo Marotta - Palazzo Serra di Cassano - Naples, Annuario 1975-2000. In the premises of the Institute

(it quotes three conferences and a seminar held by Ciro Discepolo in different years)

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The only guest in the TV programme GAP (Generazioni alla prova), broadcast by RAITRE on the 16th of April 2004 on the subject: The young and the astrology. The program GAP is part of Format, a television space edited by Giovanni Minoli. You can download the video of the program (ca 80 MB) from www.youtube.com.

Guest, together with the president of CICAP Steno Ferluga, of the radio program La notte dei misteri, broadcast by RAI Radiouno on the 8th of August 2002 (it lasted all night long), hosted by Gabriella Vasile and Elio Cadelo.

You can download the audio files of the radio broadcast here:

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A letter of Piero Chiara to Ciro Discepolo

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Contributions to the correction of data relevant to the various time zones

If you search Solar Returns (the astrological subject to which he is mostly committed) on www.yahoo.it, his name appears in the first six documents in a list of about 37 millions (www.cirodiscepolo.it/images/Yahoo20Novembre2011.jpg).

A nice André Barbault's letter ( https://plus.google.com/108726532055915587593/about )

A preface of André Barbault to a book of mine ( https://plus.google.com/108726532055915587593/about )

Ciro Discepolo's birth chart: http://www.cirodiscepolo.it/images/TN_Ciro.jpg

http://cirodiscepolo.blogspot.com www.solarreturns.com www.lunarreturns.com www.cirodiscepolo.it www.activeastrology.org

To the date of January 2017 the pages of his Google+ account are been visited from over 20 millions people.

Some of Ciro Discepolo's photos: http://www.cirodiscepolo.it/Images_of_Ciro_Discepolo_and_Active_Astrology.htm